Cannabis Yoga Retreat

The main thing on a cannabis yoga retreat is to go beyond the usual. Getting out to the fullest. It’s not supposed to be a mere vacation. On vacation, you almost never change your life: the same thoughts, the same apps, only in a different place.

A true cannabis retreat is an immersive practice in which you get out of your environment, limit your communication with the outside world, turn off your phone, do yoga and enjoy weed to control your thoughts and body for an ultimate benefit which is defined by yourself. The main feature of such a retreat is that you are supposed to use marijuana consciously. Sometimes lots of it, just like a true Shiva devotee.

Even a short yoga and weed retreat is able to cause deep inner transformations, and if you are a proponent of a healthy lifestyle striving for mental self-improvement, then you should definitely visit such an event!

Types of Marijuana Retreats

You can choose between solitary and group retreats; cannabis retreat centers are most often connected with group activities. Some weed retreats combine it with yoga, some don’t. Some retreats are conducted in silence, while others are accompanied by intense communication, depending on the characteristics of the spiritual tradition and the participants.

Sometimes, certain types of food are restricted. Vegetarian and vegan yoga retreats where people consume ganja and vegetables, or ganja-derived edible products as one of the vegetables, also exist and are actually quite common.

Retreats are often held in the countryside, in the wilderness, in the mountains, or in any private place far away in order to disappear from the public eye.

Goals of Cannabis Yoga Retreats

With the help of weed and a yoga retreat, you can look inside your consciousness, feel completely different inside, experience new facets of the perception of the world. The most common task of meditation for a modern person is to help relieve inner tension. Each retreat participant usually pursuits his own goals, but most often the goals are as follows:

  • The feeling of peace and tranquility;
  • Focusing on what you really want, leaving off externally imposed interests;
  • Heightening spiritual states of consciousness;
  • Getting rid of bad thoughts;
  • Increasing concentration and attentiveness;
  • Learning to detach yourself;
  • Merely improving mood;
  • Relieving pain;
  • Starting to live in a more spiritual world, getting distracted from materialistic things.

In a nutshell, if you want to live a better life and improve your mental and emotional state, then marijuana retreats are for you.

2 Marijuana and Spiritual Practices

Marijuana and spiritual practices are closely related. It has been historically proven that cannabis helps a person open their eyes to the world around them and see what the ordinary individual cannot face. The brain processes are altered or suspended, which allows you to quickly tune in to meditation. If we look back several centuries and even millennia, we will find the following facts:

  • Some Indian yogis (eg sadhus) practice smoking ganja successfully before going into trance;
  • Some Buddhist schools consider marijuana an ideal complement to the teachings of tantra;
  • Philosophers and Rastafarians believe that only with cannabis can you truly understand yourself.

Best Strains for Cannabis Yoga Retreat

What kind of strains are used on a marijuana meditation retreat? Number one is any strain based on the noble indica.

Why is the ideal kind of weed for meditation an indica-leaning crossbreed? When consuming an indica-dominant ganja, the yogi feels stoned, an effect also referred to as the couch effect. The smoker takes a horizontal position, his body gets filled with warmth and pleasant laziness, because of which they are unable to move his arms or legs. At the same time, thought processes are activated. Experienced yogis recommend to cheer up immediately after relaxing with an indica by lighting up a joint with a sativa-dominant strain. It excites the nervous system, makes you active, productive, sociable.

So what exactly are the strains which are good to do yoga and meditate with?

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana is a wonderful hybrid that provides you with a nice relaxing high. It’s indica leaning but doesn’t make you want to sleep straight away. You will get an energetic calming effect that helps to switch off your inner monologue and meditate thoroughly.

Rainbow Kush

Great for focusing on what you really want or need without any fogginess in your mind afterwards. However, beware, take it in moderation, as it is capable of making you feel like you have no body. Overall, for an experienced weed consumer, it is an excellent indica-dominant strain that doesn’t make the consumer heavy or stoney.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is probably the most classic strain used for yoga meditation. One of the purest indica strains that provides the smoker with a strong heavy body stone. Extremely good for DEEP meditation.

2 Things to Remember on Cannabis Retreat

It is not worth trying to outdo experienced cannabis yogis. To each his own. Know your threshold during the retreat.

The second thing is to keep your information field clean. It is better not to use any devices to access the Internet. In general, it is better to just turn off all devices. Information purity and a mental diet for a yoga practitioner is not just empty words. Taking care of the purity of the body, soul, mind, space around and the purity of the information space are very important on a weed retreat.


Cannabis consumption and meditation go hand in hand. In an active rhythm of life we need to find the best ways to focus on the positive to avoid suffering from unfulfilled obligations, bearing a heavy burden of unneeded responsibility or pursuing false dreams. Delicious joints and meditation are what will help you to be reborn and reach enlightenment.